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Lifestyle Homes and Cabins has been an industry leader in the construction of Modular Homes, Granny Flats and Cabins for over fifteen years with national links to the housing industry through the supply of homes, granny flats and cabins. Since 2007 we have built architecturally designed homes on site for discerning customers and are pleased to be able to offer this as part of our service to you.  Our client base is broad and as we change to accommodate the future market, it will broaden further with advances in technology and reduced construction times. We have a team of committed people and the skills and expertise to meet the growing demands of the market.

Lifestyle Homes and Cabins clients can rest easy in knowing that our clients get what they ask for on time and on budget.

We recognize that customers are the basis of any successful business. We will be closely involved with you. Service is what Lifestyle Homes and Cabins is all about - adding value and being an integral part of the customers we serve. We form close links with our valued customers to find solutions that help us improve our business and service to you.

We also recognize that people form the basis of any business. We have staff who are both effective and decisive and who can get things done. These are people who insist they can deliver more value for you.

At this time, opportunities for Lifestyle Homes and Cabins have probably never been greater and part of our strength lies in forming alliances with suppliers to get the best value for money which we in turn pass onto our customers.

We will make every effort to deliver what we promise, on time and to specifications. We welcome feedback. and our after sales service is second to none.

Wayne Ericksen






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